Bonnie regarding "Remy" red kitten on Aug. 27, 2012

Fairview Tx

Remy is the most adorable, sweetest little cat I have ever had in my life. His personality is just adorable. Thank you for his wonderful temperment.

Jennifer regarding "Hershey" black kitten on Nov.19, 2011

South Carolina

Hey just wanted 2 let u know hershey is doing great! He is as sweet as his name he loves attention and we love and wanted u to know he has a great loving home! Thank you so much for letting us adopt. sincerley Jennifer

J. regarding Snow white teacup kitten on Dec. 14, 2010


Hello Elizabeth. Just wanted to let you know the kitten is doing very well. You should have received a fax from our vet. He checked out healthy. My girls just love him and.... will too. Also, the couple that are keeping my kitten til Christmas for me love him too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! J.

Kelly regarding "Sammy" silver designer shorthair on Nov. 11, 2010

Chicago area

he is wonderful! i am absolutely in love with him! he is even cuter than i imagined! i named him Sammy. he is already very happy and well adjusted here! i took him to the vet today and everything checked out fine... thank you again!

Trish regarding "Mufasa" blue-eyed white Persian kitten Nov. 10, 2010

DFW metroplex

Hi! His name is Mufasa and he is great!!!!! Everybody loves him! My Pomeranian loves him and he loves the pom. Just went for 2nd shots and health record is perfect. He now weighs 3 1/2 pounds. Totally litter box trained. Would you like to see some pics? Thank you, Trish

Maria regarding "Gina" shaded golden Persian kitten on Nov. 10, 2010

Boca Raton, Florida

Hi Our kitten, Gina, is doing okay and gaining weight. She is very timid and jumpy with noises. She has been hiding under the bed until recently. The last week she has been coming out in the mornings and evenings. I brush her in the mornings and she loves that. She is a well mannered kitten as you said and beautiful. We are hoping Gina will eventually become very comfortable with us and not need to hide so much. Marie

Bonnie regarding "Remy" red male Persian kitten Sept. 29, 2010.

DFW metroplex

Hi Elizabeth, Our little Remy is a pure joy to our family. He is the best kitten ever. Everyone loves him, especially the girls at the vets. They all take turns loving him when he visits. Infact they didn't even want to give him back to us after his neuter. We saw Remy's Mom Fairy Princess up for sale. Aaaah! Remy would love his Mommy here with us but I don't think I could handle 3. Thanks again for the beautiful red bundle of laughter and joy. I truly love him. Boni S.

Laura H. regarding "Kobe" (red male kitten) on Aug. 3, 2010

Irving, Texas

Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to let you know that the new kitty is doing great. He is doing all the things he should be doing... eating, using the litter box, playing and purring. We just love him already.... We took "Kobe" to the vet today. Everything checked out fine with the exception of a cold. We are going to give him antibiotics for a week and then take him back to start his shots. The vet should be faxing the paperwork to you. Everyone at the clinic had a fit over him. They all wanted to hold him, pet him, etc. He is sound asleep on his back on the couch with Ken right now. The vet visit must have worn him out. Ha! Have a good evening. Laura

Bonnie regarding "Remy" red male Persian kitten July 3, 2010.

Allen, Texas

Elizabeth, Update on our little boy... He is absolutely delightful. Both Remy and Marcelo play for hours on end. He is the best friend I could have gotten for my cat Marcelo and it has helped mellow him so much. We love watching the two of them together. The kitten thinks he is boss of the house though and we are constantly laughing at how fearless he is when he plays. Remy carries toys around bigger or as big as he is. He has grown a bit but not too much yet and runs really fast. His eyes are a very pale green blue color right now. His hair is longer and lighter in color. We all just love little Remy.

Bonnie regarding "Remy" a red male kitten on June 16, 2010

Allen, Texas

Remy is so sweet. We are extremely pleased with his personality and just enjoy watching him play through his condo with Marcelo. Of course he has 2 playtimes with us as well and gets his hair brushed everyday. His eyes are still blue but are lightening a bit and I see green co ming through. We will keep you posted. Marcelo and Remy have a playing ritual every evening and it has brought us lots of laughs. ...He has not made one single mistake and his eating habits are great. Thanks for all you advise and for selling me such a sweet kitty.

Cheryl regarding Katarinia Rose (golden female) on May 27, 2010


Katarina is 4 pounds, 2 ounces. She is so beautiful. Her personality is wonderful and she plays all day chasing glitter balls. My husband and I adore her and she is very attached to him. I will send you pictures this weekend so you can see how she has grown. My family stops in just to see her!!!! She is quite the celebrity!!!! I even bring her to work occasionally. My friends come over and want to know where I found such an angel!!!!!

Karen regarding "Cocoa" (golden female kitten) on Feb. 5, 2010

DFW metroples

Hi Elizabeth! We have had so much fun watching our precious Cocoa grow up and I thought you might enjoy seeing how she is changing! Our little Puff has become the center of our home and despite her petite size, has our other cat, Max, completely under her control!! She has a purr that can be heard from across a room...and does it almost nonstop! As you can see in the photos she has blossomed from the cutest kitten in the world into the most "Glamorous" kitten in the world! She gets more and more gorgeous every day and everywhere I take her she becomes the center of attention and veryone at the vet wants to take her home with them. NO WAY!!! Enjoy the pics. Thanks, Karen

Maria regarding Maybelline (tabby golden) on Jan. 26, 2010

San Jose, California

Dear Elizabeth, I just want to Thank You for Maybeline! She is so sweet...my two girls love her. She is so sweet. The tuna did the trick and she is eating well. Let me know when you have new litters. I just wanted to Thank you for such a sweet baby!! Yours Truly Maria

Elizabeth regarding Chloe (silver designer female) on Jan. 2, 2010

Fort Worth, TX

Hi Elizabeth, Just wanted you to know that Sophia is settling in really well. (I think we're going to call her Chloe.) We have her in our bedroom, and she has been purring and playing with us. She doesn't seem stressed at all, although she doesn't like it when we both leave. She's such a sweetheart. Thanks for everything. We'll be in touch. Elizabeth W.

Cheryl regarding Katarinia Rose (golden female) on Nov. 20, 2009

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Katarina Rose( her new name!) is the most beautiful little kitten ever! She is so precious to me. We are truly enjoying her personality and size! Every morning she wakes us up with her cries and I put her in bed with us while we have coffee and read the newspaper. During the day my mom stops by and sees her and she is in love like we are. She is very much the center of our home and is breathtakingly beautiful. She is so playful and I love the way she swishes her tail. She is very fond of her “glitter balls” and plays with them all the time. I will take some pictures here in a few weeks so you can see how she has grown. I am very happy with my purchase!!! Thanks so much for all your help and having such a beautiful kitten. She is truly a work of art and a very loved and treasured member of our family.

Y. Khodos regarding Gold Pearl- (teacup female) on Oct. 9,2009

Brooklyn, New York

hi, thank u so much for my beautiful cat, she is so wonderful, and my kids love her ps she passed her vet exam w no problems, i will email u photos shortly thanks again

Jane D. regarding "Angelica" (silver female) on Oct. 4, 2009

Conroe, Texas

Hi Elizabeth, I have talked to you a couple of times since we adopted Angelica, but I wanted to tell you once again how much we love her. She just plays all the time and when she's not playing she wants to be loved. She is adjusting well to our other family members and the new sounds around the house. She gets little nimbles of people tuna every morning and night and has decided she like Persian 30 food by Royal Canin better than Friskies, so of course, that's what she gets. I guess you can tell we just love spoiling her and would not give her up for a million dollars. Jane

Karen regarding "Cocoa Puff" (golden tabby) on Sept. 11, 2009

Carrollton, TX

Our precious little "Cocoa Puff" is doing great. The vet said that she "looks healthy" .... She is doing fine and started ruling the house the moment she arrived! My concerns about Max, our adult male kitten, turned out to be unnecessary. They are the best of pals and the kids adore her. My 8 year old named her Cocoa Puff and we call her Cocoa. I hope you enjoy these photos of Cocoa in her new home. Karen

Carlene regarding Stetson (designer kitten) on June 15, 2009

Fort Worth, TX

Wanted you to know the kitten is doing fabulous. We named him STETSON He is really starting to run, play, and show a lot of feistiness! We bought him some fun toys which he just loves. He is so precious. I’ve taken a lot of photos of him and posted him on my facebook profile and emailed pictures to tons of friends. We are really enjoying him! Thank you so much!

Kurt & Stacey regarding Sugar Plum (golden female) April 26, 2009

DFW metroplex

is Kurt & Cindy who adopted Sugar Plum. Although it has been awhile since we adopted her, we wanted to drop you a line and let you know that things are going well with her and that she is simply the most delightful cat we have ever encountered. On top of charming us, she has that "magic" that allows her to charm all of those she encounters, from her vet to our grandchild. She even charmed her two cat brothers and our two dogs....which is not an easy task! Obviously when one adds an addition to the family, you have to be concerned about the new chemistry that will be created. Things could not have worked out better. She has adjusted well and we have attached a picutre of her "lounging" with her two brothers, Lazarus and Diego. Anyway, in a world where we all too often only hear about things when something goes wrong, we wanted to write and say thank you again for helping us to make our little Sugar Plum coming to live with us a reality. It was refreshing to meet you and see ..

Margot/ Graem regarding "Marble" Ch. Am. Shorthair April 22, 2009

DFW Metroplex

Hi! I hope you remember us, and if not we are the ones who adopted Marby. We are unable to use a fax, but we have receipts, emails, and a phone # of who you can contact in order for us to receive the papers on Marby. We are so glad she's part of our family, and she has been such a joy.... We did receive Marb's papers & appreciate you taking time to send them. we loved doing business with you. Thank you, Graem Hendricks

Stacey S. regarding "Cream Puff" cream persian male on Feb. 26, 2009

Tyler, Texas

I had to write a note to tell you that we are over the moon with our newest addition! We have had Puff for a few weeks now and he fits in perfectly with our family. His favorite thing to do is to follow the girls from room to room and always be in the center of whatever they are doing. He is an incredibly affectionate cat and so well mannered. We look forward to many years with Puff! Thank you so much for an extrodinary match, we could not be more pleased!

F. regarding "Anemone" (designer shorthair) Sept. 28, 2008

Dallas Metroplex

Hi Elizabeth- Thank you for your email and it's so good to hear from you. My silverngold & Persian mix (Anemone) that I adopted from you is doing so well. She is so cute. She is the talk of the neighbors and my vet cannot kiss on her enough. She is so well mannered and so sweet. We gave her a persian name, Topoli. We also just got her spayed a few days ago; she is doing very well. I don't think I could have picked a better cat or breed or breeder :).Your American shorthair is absolutely gorgeous. But I think we are all set for now. I periodically check your website, you have such cute cats. Thank again and take care. Firouzeh

M. B. regarding "D.Gold" (teacup golden kitten) April 5, 2008

Seattle, WA

Hi Elizabeth, Just a note to thank you again for helping me find the most adorable, loving, sweetest little Persian kitten I have ever, ever seen!! We spent the 3 hr layover in the airport snuggling :) as he nuzzled in my neck! :) He is just precious beyond words! Our trip home went just fine and he is settling in very well - he nuzzled and rubbed against my little shih tzu when they first met... Thank you so much!! All the best, M. B.

A.B. regarding "Isabella" (silver female cat-retiring breeder) on Feb. 15, 2008

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hello, Yes she is wonderful… She slept beside me the first night home. She has been eating well and using her litter box also. .... I love having her with me now, she is great. She makes a good couch potato buddy. Ha! Thank you so much for all your help. ... Thanks A. B.

D. T. regarding "Apricot Jam" (red persian kitten) on Feb. 8, 2008

Brooklyn, New York City

Hello, Elizabeth I want you to use me as a testimony. Apricot Jam arrived last night on schedule at 11:34 P.M. He was so beautiful and friendly and could not wait to get him back to my home. It is true your kittens are truly a work of art. They look like a real magical cat from fairy tales. If someone would ask me would I do this all over again-- in a heart beat. It is well worth the money and they will add much joy to one's life and lots of thanks again, will have rechecked with the vet soon. thanks again, Donnie T.---new york city

D. D. for Golden Rod and P. Puff (golden kitten, white kitten) Feb. 6, 08

Philadelphia, PA

Hi Mom!! Its us Golden Rod and Powder Puff, we just wanted to send you a quick email, and tell you were doing fine. .. I really like Josh he's great he has all kinds of kitty toys, and he lets me sleep on his bed with him, he helps me up cause I'm so tiny. Powder Puff is still playing hard to get but Mommy thinks she'll come around in a day or so, she slept in a real fluffy bed last night,.. Mommy said its hard on little kitty's all that travel and stuff, but it didn't bother me in he least. We are both being very good kittens ...Mommy was so happy to see us she cried (she says they were happy tears) I just climbed up and purred real loud to her and she started laughing and Daddy said ok she's happy now I think these people really like us. I hope you guys back at home don't miss us too much. I think we'll be just fine Thanks so much for all you did for us. Love Always Golden Rod & Powder Puff And The D. Family

D. D. regarding "Powder Puff "and "Golden Rod " on Feb. 5, 2008

Philadelphia, PA

Dear Elizabeth, The babies have arrived, they are both totally adorable Golden Rod just thinks he's been here his whole life moved right in ate well he's laying on the bed with my son Josh, Powder Puff is just a little scared, but she ate also. They have a vet appointment at 8:45am tomorrow will let you know how everything goes although I am very sure there won't be any problems. Thank you so much for everything they are so sweet and beautiful. Thanks again Dottie

K. M. regarding "Heart of Gold and Glamour Girl" on Jan. 16, 2008

Vancouver, WA

Hi Elizabeth, I love these little guys - they bring us so much joy. Heart of Gold is just absolutely precious and keeps me laughing with his antics. Glamour Girl is nearly fully recovered and more active than before. She is such a sweet personality while he is all boy I will definitely contact you if I ever lost interest in Heart of Gold, but I have to tell you in all honesty, I seriously doubt that I ever would. He is everything you said he was - beautiful and so full of fun, yet still a baby and vulnerable at times that just swells your heart. That face and those little black paws are just too precious! I am sure it is hard to part with such special ones, and I can see how you would might actually worry about them. You can be sure these guys have the run of the house. I so much appreciate you selling them both to me. I am looking into showing.... Kindly regards, Karen

A. B. regarding "Bianca" on Jan. 9, 2008

Baltimore, MD

Elizabeth, I just wanted to let you know that White Pearl is safe and sound in her new home. She is adjusting well and is ADORABLE and sooooo sweet. What a loving kitten. I'm having a blast. Thanks for everything. Amanda

K.M. regarding "Glamour Girl and Heart of Gold" on Jan. 6, 2008

Vancouver, WA

They are just precious!...I love these kittens to death. .... I am really glad that I am the one who got her as I will take such good care of her. She is the sweetest little thing. I see what you mean about not breeding any shorter nose - I will aim more for his nose - so they have a better quality of life, though I have to say I love her little face. And you are right - he is just beautiful and wonderfully healthy. My vet loved him also. It is so good that I got the two of them. He really needs her (more than she needs him :-) and it gives him some security because he keeps tab on her. I bet it is hard on these little guys when they are sold alone...I do want to thank you for packing them so well and for selling them to me in the first place. I love them both! Best wishes, Karen

A. H. regarding "Apricot Rum" (red persian kitten) on Dec. 26, 2007

Savannah, Georgia

Dear Elizabeth, Yes! Sorry i haven't corresponded sooner... it has been a very busy and exciting Christmas! Maggie was unbelievably surprised. We waited till all the stockings, Santa, and under the tree unwrapping frenzy was finished and then we introduced him to Maggie and her siblings. It was truly a magical time. He ( we still haven't agreed on a name... some like Rummy but Maggie isn't quite sure she wants to name him that) has adapted to our family very quickly and EVERYONE thinks he is the cutest kitten the have ever seen! Maggie and the kitty spent their first night together and when I went in to check on them this morning they were both sound asleep and it was 10:00 am! Very unusual for both of them! Anyway, I guess the most incredible story is that my husband Dale absolutely loves the kitten and he thought he didn't like cats before this! We have been keeping him in Maggie's room most of the time because of the dogs ,,,

A. H. regarding "Apricot Rum" (red persian) on Dec. 26, 2007 part II

Savannah, Georgia

the kittty wasn't to happy to have a short moment of meeting a dog.. . they are, I am sure, a little overwhelming! Anyway, I went to find Dale and he was on the floor with Maggie playing with the kitten and having the BEST time! Truly wonderful! We have an appointment with the vet today at 4:00 p.m. Will keep you informed on what the vet says and on a name Maggie approves of. Thank you again for all of your dedicated work on making this the most memorable Christmas for ALL for us! You have been great! You may have some more kittens going to Georgia very soon for all the other friends and family! Take care and I will be in touch. With Warmest Regards, Anne

S. F. regarding " Starlett" ( silver persian) on Dec. 10, 2007

Azle, TX

Hi Elizabeth, little Starlett is adjusting great! She's having fun playing with her brother. She's my dream kitty. I always wanted I kitty like the Fancy Feast cat. She's so loving & beautiful . E-mail soon. Thanks, Shirley

B. M. regarding "Hottie Tottie" (red toy persian) on Nov. 20. 2007

Fort Meyers, FL

My mother just loves Hottie. B. M.

I.S. regarding "Snow Baby" (white female cat) on Nov. 8, 2007

El Paso, TX

Elizabeth, She is fabulous and beautiful. I would like to enter her in a show. Besides Dawn, what else do you use for her bath? I'm taking her to the vet today. Thank you for holding her for me. It was a long wait but I am very happy. Sincerely, Isabel

D.R. regarding "King of Hearts" (golden teacup) on Nov.9, 2007

Chicago, Illinois

Just checking in with you to let you know the vet visit went just great. They all went ga! ga! over him!! They sent the the health check via Fax to you please let me know that you got it ok. He is very adorable!!! I'll send you update pics of him as he grows. Thank you for everything, he was worth the wait!!

D. R. regarding "King of Hearts" (golden teacup) on Nov. 8, 2007

Chicago, Illinois

WOW!!!!! I just got home from the airport and let the door to the crate open so he could come out. His color is phenomenal just gorgeous, what a sweet face and blue green eye color!!! We love him!!! He went right to me and started purring. We will get him vet checked tomorrow and let you know how it went. Thanks so much for sending us such a handsome guy. Thank you for everything I have the vet fax you the health check info. Darla

S. F. regarding "Rocky" (golden teacup) on Sept. 23, & Sept. 25, 2007.

Azle, Texas

Hi Elizabeth, I love Rocky. He's such a little cutie pie. I like that he'll stay tiny & adorable. Just as loving as Flower! Thanks so much for him ....Will send you an update on Rocky. Thanks again, Shirley Hi Elizabeth, my vet really liked Rocky too! Dr. Henley is suppose to fax you a health certificate. Let me know if you get it.....Hope you keep breeding kittens for a while. Your the best breeder I've ever found. Thanks, Shirley

S. F. regarding Flower on Sept. 20, 2007

Azle, Texas

Hi Elizabeth, Flower is so great & such a little doll! I've just got to have another one! Please put me @ the top of your list for the future. Get back to me & thanks so much for Flower. S. F.

S. F. More regarding Flower (Flamepoint himalayan) on Sept. 17, 2007

Azle, TX

Hi Elizabeth, Flower is doing great. She has her own litter pan & is using it faithfully now. She really has a good appetite too. Such a good kitty. She is the best natured kitty I've ever had. She seems really happy & adjusting really well. So glad to have her. She likes being held & petted a lot. ..... I think that's why I wanted Flower. She's the perfect cat! Better go. Hope you keep breeding cats for a while. I sure want to get another one before to long. Keep me up to date on your kittens. I will keep you a up date on Flower ! Shirley

Shirley F. regarding Flower ( Flamepoint Himalayan) on Sept. 13, 2007

Azle, Texas

Hi Elizabeth, Thought I'd give you an update on Flower. She's adorable & cute as a button! She's starting to get used to all the changes & doing just great. She hasn't been out in the sun room. Just keeping her in the house. ... Flower is sitting in the chair in back of me now. She's started following me around. It was nice meeting you ..... Thanks so much, Shirley

L. W. regarding Snow Ball (blue-eyed white toy) on Sept. 13, 2007

Westtown, New York

Thank you so very much. We arrived at the Quick pickup office the same time as he did. He was perfectly clean and spotless. He has his own area to settle down in. And a vet appt in the morning. He is just beautiful and as soft as could possibly be imagined. He does have a fun personality and good nature. Thank you again. Liz W.

E & B Clark regarding Tony Tiger (golden tabby) on Aug. 17, 2007

Ontario, California

Elizabeth: Tony tiger is great! He is sooooo..... cute and frisky. Everything went well at the vet, I will fax over the report this weekend to you. Still thinking of a name for him. Scooter (Rudy) is sometimes rough with the kitten, I know that it will take time for the two to bond. Scooter is being neutered next Friday. It will be as little more intense, since one of his testicle has never dropped. E. & B Clark

N. V. regarding Sugar ( Snow White toy female) Aug. 15, 2007

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Elizabeth, Ok thank you, i will get her spayed soon....She is already doing great, purring away :) Just alittle skiddish still, Im keeping her in her own room. Tino seems to be getting used to her smell, i think they'll be fine in time. She is very sweet... Thanks again, Nicole

P. B. regarding Snow Prince (a white toy) on Feb. 23, 2007.

Pittsburgh, PA

The Vet said he's in good shape. He seems very warm and friendly. Thank You Very Much! P. and S.

L. W. regarding Sabrina (a golden toy) on Jan. 4, 2007

Westtown, New York

Hi, I received Honey Doll tonight. She seems well, very quiet. I will make an appt with the vet in the morning. Thank you very much. She is simply beautiful and should acclimate to us well. If there is anything else I will be in touch. Regards, L. W.

T. L. regarding Honey Bear ( a golden toy) on Jan. 4, 2007

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Oh my gosh! He is adorable. Thanks for the photos. You are so thoughtful to send them. We can't wait to pick him up Thursday evening. I know you are going to miss him. I promise to send you photos as he matures. We are going to love him so much. Thank you for letting us adopt him. I will e-mail you late tomorrow evening as soon as we arrive home with him. (T. L. on Jan. 3, 2007). Honey Bear is safe and sound in his new home. He is incredibly beautiful and has been purring since he arrived. He has also eaten a good meal since arriving. Thank you for everything. I will be in touch with photos. T. L.(on Jan. 4, 2007). I took Honey Bear to the vet yesterday and everything checked out fine. I will fax you the information from the vet on Monday. Everyone here has fallen in love with Honey Bear. He is being loving and playful. Thanks again. T.L. (on Jan. 6, 2007).

A.G. regarding Star Trek (a silver teacup) on Dec. 21, 2006

Miami, FL

Yes, I received Star Trek, He is gorgeous, every body in the family likes him, I gave your information to my cousin because she wants one just like him, she will contacting you soon. I faxed you today the Vet Examination Report, and his wife felt in love with Star Trek, may be they will contact you too.You have a Happy Holidays. Thank you for everything, A. G.

P.B. regarding Prince Caspian ( a golden toy) on Dec.19, 2006

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

He arrived in great spirits and he's now at home with us. He's beauiful and very lovable! He has let S. pet him and is purring alot. He is all set up in our laundry room and seems fine with everything. We take him to the Vet Thurs morning. Thank You So Much !! P. and S.

D. H. regarding Giggles ( a shaded golden teacup) on Dec.16, 2006.

Colleyville, Texas

Just wanted you to know Bella (Giggles) is doing wonderful! We love her! She goes in the car with us and Precious, our dog, everywhere. I will send you holiday pics of her. Thanks for making Amber's Xmas. She is soooo sweet and we are so glad to have her as part of our family. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Much love, D. H.

D.R. regarding Rapunzel ( a chinchilla golden) on Dec. 9, 2006


Hi, Just wanted to let you know that Rapunzel's check up went fine. The vet faxed you the health report today. She's settling in just fine. Everyone at the vet thought she was very beautiful and we do too! Thank you so much for everything. I'll keep in touch. Sincerely, D. R.

A. F. regarding "Liz" (shaded Tortie) on Dec. 8, 2006

Chicago, IL

Dear Elizabeth, I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for contacting the airline. Liz is the most "beautiful" kitten I have ever seen; I love her! :) Again, I appreciate all your help. Sincerely, A. F.

N. V. regarding "Ricky" (a brown tabby) on December 8, 2006


Ricky is home safely!! He couldn't wait to get out of his cage, to eat and play. He made himself right at home! I was worried about his journey on the plane, but he is purring away and soo playful. Taking him to the vet in the morning. He's even more adorable in person! Thanks again! N.

S.P. regarding "Anna Belle" ( light silver) on Nov. 23, 2006


Our beautiful Anna Belle arrived right on schedule. She has been purring non-stop since we got her out of the carrier. I think she's adapting really well :-) Her doctor's appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at 12pm so I'll be in touch again soon. Oh my goodness! is she just the sweetest kitty ever!! She's playful but just loves to cuddle. All of us are quite enamored with her :-) Thank you very much! S. P.

P. E. regarding Rose Ann ( a chinchilla silver) on Nov. 3, 2006

Omaha, Nebraska

WOW!!!!! Now she is GEORGEOUS!!!!! And so tiny. I thought she was bigger from the pictures, but she is picture perfect!! We are still up spoiling her. Everything went fine. I gave her a little piece of rolled up paper and while we were watching her play with the paper, my son began to pet her under her neck and she put on a little show for us. ;-) She started rolling on her back and purring louder. I'm so glad I didn't change my mind, she is" beautiful" Elizabeth. Thank you so much. I will take her to the vet tomorrow. I told my son "Oh my God, we need more like this, haa haa. " But one is enough for now. I will send you pictures later on. I'm getting a lot of pictures tomorrow. Talk to you later. P.E.

L. F. regarding Brownie (a golden tabby) on Nov. 3, 2006

Sacramento, California

Brownie is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is such a little doll! She already used her potty box too!! She is very jumpy, but we are hoping it is just from all the travel. She purrs like crazy when we pet her, which is such fun! Thank you!!!

D. G. regarding Snickers (golden tabby) and Cream Soda (flame pt.)

Dallas, TX

I don't know if you remember me, but I'm D. G., and I adopted Snickers and Cream Soda last fall. I check your website every now and then, just because it is fun to see - and L. H. (she's adopted several cats from you and referred me to you) does, too. Today we logged on and saw Snickers' picture on the home page. That is soooo great!!!!! I wanted to let you know that both of them are by far the best cats I have ever had the pleasure to be around, let alone own. I have reared them with great care and kindness, and they seem very happy. They both stick together as a team, get along like brothers and are so much fun. Snickers is SO docile, very trusting, and completely adorable. Everyone loves him as soon as they see him. Cream Soda (and I hope you don't mind, I call him Corndog) is the most loving cat I have ever seen and I can't imagine him not being at the door to greet me when I get home.

D. G. continued...

Dallas, TX

Both of them are always friendly to strangers. It is rare that I ever have to correct them, but when I do, a simple 'no' makes them understand (almost as good as a dog!) and they appear sad to have disappointed me! Anyway, I just wanted to pass along that I'm so proud of my boys, and let you know that the great qualities you breed your cats to have as kittens are still present in my little cats!

V.C. regarding Glimmer (a chinchilla golden)

San Pedro, California

Glimmer is great. I love him. He is even more handsome than his picture. He loves running up and down the stairs. He is eating well and drinking lots of water. He seems to be well adjusted and is having a blast. I have named him Morris Gizmo Catterton. He is so wonderful , I can not express how happy I am with him. Thank you, V.

J. K. regarding Shady Blue ( a chinchilla golden)

Mid cities, DFW area

My little golden boy, maybe to be named Shady Blue, and Mocha will go to the vet this morning for their check ups. My husband loves this kitten and thought "Ocho" for eight would be a cute name since he is #8 cat here. We are still kicking around various names to go with Koko, Sugar, Mango and Mocha, my four Himi boys. Shady is so laid back and like Sugar, he takes to my husband. Too cute! You are SO RIGHT about breeder envy. Bingo. "The greeneyed monster", no pun intended! Shady was a hit at the vet's office. No doubt if those baby blues go aqua on me when the kitty is 2, I'll still be in love with the little guy. What a doll he is! Enjoyed our visit. Take care. J. K.

M. M. regarding Nutmeg (a shaded golden)

Roanoke, Virginia

Just wanted you to know how cute the kitten is. Everyone thinks she's a doll. We have decided to call her Meg, short for Nutmeg. She rules the roost already. The old male shaded silver doesn't know what to think. He puts up with her very well. She has learned to pull the toilet paper off the roll, to get into the shower and drink water, jump everywhere, attacks everything. She sleeps with me already and purrs so sweet. Thanks for giving me such a sweet baby.

M. A. regarding Sierra Gold (a golden tabby)

Frisco, TX

"Pawny" is GREAT! He is so sweet spirited, calm and loving! God blessed us with him! He is adjusting very well. Last night he cried 1 time! He didn't keep us up at all. (2 days later) Guess what! Last night was the first night I left him out of our bathroom, and he slept with me on my pillow and beside me. He also took a nap with A. and I yesterday afternoon (on my pillow). We connect! It's almost earry. I knew it from day one and when I met him that we connected, but I never knew it could be this strong! He stays by my side all the time and is very content with us. He is so sweet and calm. We love him!!!

G. B. regarding Pinnochio (a shaded silver)

St. Louis, Missouri

I picked up Mr. P at Lambert Field without any problem.We already love him and he is prettier than his picture. Best regards G. and R.(2 weeks later). The little guy has really won us over. He is very affectionate and loves to play. Loves to have his stomach scratched. Is really settling in. Hope to send you a digital photo soon. Best regards G. and R.

J. and V. regarding Tabitha (a terrific brown tabby)


The kitten arrived tonight! SHE IS ADORABLE! And she is doing very well. She is very playful and is purring a lot. She has eaten and drank water as well. She is simply wonderful and we are delighted with her! I'll be taking her to the vet tomorrow and I'm sure everything will be fine with her. I'll E-mail you when I get home with her, just to let you know how things went. I'm working from home for the next few days if not the week to keep my eye on her and make sure she is doing well. She discovered a little fishy we bought for her and has been playing with it a lot. We are overjoyed with her. Thank you, so much! J.and V.

J. and V. regarding Tabby (a golden tabby) on Dec. 17, 2005


Hi Elizabeth: Just wanted to let you know that we had Tabby fixed last Monday. And we also had a tracking chip imbedded under her skin. It's the size of a grain of rice. She made a remarkable recovery. We are not going to de-claw her. She's not a scratcher. I can't begin to tell you how much we adore her. She is so sweet and well mannered. We could not be happier with her! She's a 10! Your kitties are just the best! You really know what you are doing! Bravo! If you ever need a reference, just ask! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, J. & V.

Diana and Bob regarding Thomas (silver male) on Dec. 14, 2004

Russelville, Arkansas

Thomas made it out of the Metroplex in the carrier. He enjoyed the rest of the trip in his new "Mommy's Lap" to Russellville, Arkansas! He promptly perused every corner, nick, and piece of furniture until he found his spot...which is under our bed! He does have an easy chair/ottoman to call his own when we are in ours in front of the blazing stove in the living room. ..During that time, Thomas had a namechange. He is officially known as "Czar Nicholas'" with an unofficial second name of "AlloWishUs". Today, the worse day of his life, was the joining of the non-breeder brotherhood! He has been home for an hour, still groggy, but managed to wobble to that favorite place....yes, under the bed! ...All the family and friends think he is the most beautiful little thing they have ever met! We agree, of course. Have a great New Year! Diana and Bob