Application Procedures

Fill out the online application. --Click here.

Adoption/Purchase Procedure:

1. Fill out the pre-qualify form-(the online application)-temporarily out of order. Please call or email Laurie instead, until technical problem is corrected.

2. Call for additional information on the kitten at 940-464-0405.

3. Open your email attachment from Silver 'N Gold for the adoption agreement.

4. Read the adoption agreement carefully and print it out, sign it and return it with your full payment.  

(You can do this via e-mail with your credit card or via money order/cashier's check via Federal Express. Federal Express has a tracking # to maintain accurate delivery of the payment).

5. Put down a deposit if the kitten is too young to ship.

If you are putting a deposit to hold a kitten that is not mature enough to travel, then you can send a personal check of $350-$500. to hold the kitten (depending on the price of the kitten).  Full payment is due on the 10th week of a kittens life. It takes about 10 days to prepare the kitten for shipment and ship the kitten. If it is an older kitten, and they are more established, full payment is due at purchase. The credit card deposit will hold the kitten for you until the rest of the payment is received. You will be allowed 10 days to send the payment. If it is not received the kitten will be offered to another buyer.

7. As soon as we receive your payment we will contact you by email.

8. We will schedule and obtain a veterinary health exam and health certificate for the kitten before it travels.

9. We will then email you the airline and Confirmation # and the flight arrangements for the shipment of the kitten. Shipping may occur in 7-10 days or less. We usually ship so the kitten arrives in the evening after work hours.

10. Go to the airport and pick up your kitten!

11. Take your kitten to the vet the next day (or within 48 hours) to verify its health.

      Enjoy your kitten!

Yes, it is easy to ship to major airports in California, Chicago, New York City, and Florida. Some flights are direct flights with no lay overs!

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, air fare will not apply to the adoption agreement. Tax does apply. The local tax is 8 % of the sale price.

All shipping prices include airfare, veterinary check and health certificate, cat carrier, immunization records and pet care directions. Shipping usually costs $350-450. depending on the weight or size of the cat or kitten.

We are only looking for quality homes for our cats and kittens. Let us know if you can provide that quality home.

We reserve the right to select the most qualified applicant and to deny an application for any reason. We welcome those applicants who will treasure our kitties. Submit an application to arrange for your new cat or kitten!

Our Waiting list: the place to be!

Submitting our application will enable you to pre-qualify, and add you to our e-mail waiting list. If the cat or kitten you request is available now, we will send you an adoption agreement and arrangements will be made to send the cat or kitten to you. If the kitten you want is not available, submitting an application will sign you up for e-mails to let you know when a new kitten is available. Let us know the color and type of kitten you want. With only a $350. non-refundable deposit, we will attempt to breed to obtain the specific look you want and inform you first, when that kitten is ready for adoption. The deposit will be applied to the adoption price for the kitten.

Make sure you read the Our Cattery Page as it answers other purchasing and adoption questions.