Our Cattery at Silver 'N Gold Persians and Glamour Cats

Home of the Highest Quality pet kittens! When you get a kitten from us, you will  have a Glamour Cat! --like a rare, beautiful, and precious jewel!

The Colors of Our Persian kittens

The Silver Persians kittens -- Chinchilla and Shaded

The Silver Persian cats are white-looking cats that have a transparent hair shaft with black tipping on the ends of the hair shaft. They have green eyes with black eyeliner, pink noses with black nose liner, and black paw pads. They look like they have make-up on. All Silvers have black tipping along their backs. Shaded Silvers have more tipping and Chinchilla Silvers have less. Most of our cats are light shaded silvers.

The CHINCHILLA SILVER Persian cat has a pure white undercoat. The coat on back, flanks, head and tail sufficiently tipped with black to give the characteristic sparkling silver appearance. Legs may be slightly shaded with tipping. Chin, ear tufts. stomach, and chest pure white. Rims of eyes, lips and nose outlined with black. The nose leather is brick red. The paw pad are black. The eye color is green or blue-green.

 The SHADED SILVER Persian cat has a white undercoat with a mantle of black tipping down from sides, face, and tail from dark on the ridge to white on the chin, chest, stomach and under the tail. The legs should be the same tone as the face. The general effect of shading is much darker than a chinchilla. Rims of eyes, lips and nose outlined with black. The nose leather is brick red. The paw pads are black. The eye color is green or blue-green.

The Golden Persian kittens --Chinchilla and Shaded

The Goldens are a new and beautiful color. Goldens are blond cats with green or blue-green eyes and chocolate paw pads and tipping or black paw pads and tipping. They have pink noses with nose liner and dark eye liner and also look like they have makeup on. They can be Shaded Golden or Chinchilla Golden. They are gorgeous and rare.

The CHINCHILLA GOLDEN Persian cat has an undercoat of pale honey to bright apricot. Coat on back, flanks, head and tail sufficiently tipped with black to enhance a golden appearance. Legs and end of tail may be shaded with tipping. Chin, ear tufts. stomach, and chest consistant dilute color, much lighter in tone than the undercoat. The general effect is much lighter than a shaded golden due to less tipping. Rims of eyes, lips and nose outlined with black. The eye color is green or blue-green.

The SHADED GOLDEN Persian cat has an undercoat pale honey to bright apricot with a mantle of black tipping shading down from the sides, face, head, and tail. Legs to be the same tone as the face. Coat on back, flanks, head and tail sufficiently tipped with black to enhance a golden appearance. Legs and end of tail may be shaded with tipping. Ear tufts, chin, chest, stomach, and underside of the tail, consistant dilute color, much lighter in tone than the undercoat. The general effect is darker than a chinchilla golden due to more tipping. Rims of eyes, lips and nose outlined with black. The eye color is green or blue-green.

The Golden Tabby and Brown Tabby Persian kittens

We also have Gold tabbies or Brown tabbies for sale as well. They are also beautiful and have a “tiger” look about them. Tabby means the striped look. Golden tabbies have green eyes, and brown tabbies have copper eyes.

The Snow White Persian kittens- some with Baby Blue eyes!

Silver ’N Gold also offers wonderful Snow White Persians with green or blue eyes. Some even have bi-eyes with one green and one blue! White cats differ from silvers, as they are snow white with no tipping or eyeliner, and their paw pads are pink. These colors are rare and not easy to produce. For example, we may only get one blue-eyed white kitten per year! If that is what you are looking for, be sure you are pre-qualified and ready to adopt your baby.Occasionally, a white kitten may not be able to hear. This can actually be a helpful characteristic if you have a lot of noise in the enviornment. The kitten will not startle to the vacuum cleaner or loud children or machinery. Otherwise, they behave the same as hearing kittens.

The Sizes of our Persian Kittens

The Teacup Persian Kitten

Yes, the teacup size exists. It is a small or tiny persian that consistently produces tiny persians.The CFA has not recognized this as a breed, but this size still exists.
In the horse world, there are miniature horses, ponies, regular sized horses, and huge draft horses. All these sizes exist whether or not an organization has recognized them.
Our tiny teacups are wonderful. If you want a small size, you will love these.
 Understanding the sizes--Approximate size ranges for Persian
Standard Male 9-15 pounds                 Standard Female 8-13 pounds
                                            Toy Male 7-9 pounds                  Toy Female   6-8 pounds
                                            Teacup Male 6-7 pounds              Teacup Female 5-6 pounds   
                                           Tiny teacup Male 4-5 pounds       Tiny teacup Female 3-4 pounds
Most of our cats are Teacup sized. Many silvers and goldens are the tiny teacup size. Most weights of adults will be posted. Check the weight of the parent to approximate the adult size of its kitten. Kitten weights may be posted as well.

Our health guarantee -- the very best!  Before shipment, your kitten is inspected thoroughly by a veterinarian and given a health certificate, then when the kitten arrives, we require the buyer to take the kitten to your local veterinarian, and again the kitten is thoroughly examined to make sure you have received a healthy kitten! Then the vet the buyer has selected, faxes a health report to our cattery. This way the buyer knows that the kitten is well and healthy on arrival and the kitten goes immediately to the care of the new veterinarian. We we never ship a kitten that would not pass a vet inspection. This way you know you are receiving a healthy kitten.

However, the buyer must understand that kittens do not have mature immune systems, so it is very important to take the kitten to the local buyer's veterinarian to get under his care. Any kitten can come down with a viral or bacterial infection after shipment and just like a real baby will need medical attention. Purchasing an older kitten 4-8 months of age is the best way to get a stronger immune system developed in a kitten! The older kittens are just as playful and delightful and even more beautiful as they have had more time to mature.

Do not apply for a kitten if you are not willing to care for the health of the kitten after purchase! We want the buyer to agree to take the kitten to the veterinarian immediately after shipment. We also want to protect our reputation and prove that we have sent the buyer a well kitten! We want the kitten to be placed it under the care of a veterinarian immediately after purchase!

As we sell kittens, we regularly receive faxes from our buyer's veterinarians, and the veterinarians are very happy with our policies and  the vets love our kittens!  See some of the testimonials from the buyer's on our testimonial page!

Local buyers in the DFW metroplex must agree to take the kitten to their vet within 48 hours of purchase and have their local veterinarian examine the kitten and fax a health certificate back to us.  We are confident of the health of our kittens upon purchase!  Again, please do not apply for a kitten if you are  unwilling or unable to care for one of our beautiful babies!

Our Breeding Program

    Silver ’N Gold Persians and Glamour Cats has been working through selective breeding the past 15 years to develop beautiful Silver and Golden Persians with light brilliant coats and large green or blue-green eyes and sweet and affectionate personalities. We have just added the Himalayan Persians with baby blue eyes. We lovingly and tenderly raise our kittens with great care. Here you will find quality and glamourous pet kittens ready to be your sweet baby and dearest companion! They are vet examined and guaranteed healthy when they are shipped. If you cannot find the kitten you want, fill out the application and it will place you on an email list. We will contact by email when a kitten is available.

Persian Cat Personalities
Persian and Himalayan cats are very quiet and well mannered cats and generally stay on the floors or may visit a couch or bed with you. They make great companions for apartment dwellers or mansion dwellers. They are very trusting and sweet natured and may not resist maltreatment from young children. So they must be protected from rough handling. They are very cuddly and will cozy up to you. Some are very affectionate and will climb in your lap to visit. Others just come along side you for affection.
Some people want to declaw a very active cat to prevent damage to the furniture. However, we recommend that you provide a cat tree or carpeted stand and see if the cat leaves your furniture alone before you ever consider declawing. Declawing is a brutal and extreme surgery. Persians rarely need declawed.
Neutering or Spaying:
All cats or kittens purchased without breeding rights must be neutered or spayed. Active hormones of unneutered cats, whether male or female, attract territorial marking. Adopting one of our cats requires agreement to spay or neuter by 6 months.This will prevent territorial marking. Some of our cats will already be neutered before purchase. We reccomend that you not neuter before 4 months to insure the safety of the kitten from the surgical procedure. All cats must be kept safely in doors. This will prevent contagious diseases and physical dangers to your valuable cat.
Grooming for Persian kittens
All Persians and Himalayans have full and beautiful coats, however they do require regular grooming. Persians and Himalayans must be bathed once a month and combed daily to prevent matting. If severe matting occurs they can be shaved to a "lion cut" by a professional groomer.
Breeding Rights for Persian kittens
Breeding rights will be given to selected catteries for an additional cost. This must be discussed before the purchase of the cat or no breeding rights will be available. It is never acceptable to buy a cat and breed it without purchasing breeding rights. Breeding rights may not be allotted to cats with the bluegreen eye color. Breeding rights may be allotted to other colors for an additional $1000. -- $5000. fee depending on the type of cat. Registration papers are adapted to reflect the intentions of the purchaser, so that the Cat Fancier's Association will not give registrations to kittens purchased without breeding rights.
Kitten Birthing
Each queen and king in our cattery is extremely valuable and carefully provided for and each kitten is a work of art. We carefully time and labor to provide the highest quality conditions for maternity care and delivery of our kittens. Each kitten is extremely precious and we do everything possible to insure their health and safety as kittens.
When you receive a gorgeous cat or kitten it has been expertly cared for individually by hand and received many hours of constant loving care.
Our Prices
The prices for pet kittens generally range from $1000-4500.(excluding shipping costs), depending on the rarity of the features.  Prices shown online may not include shipping in continental USA to major airports, the cost of the airline approved cat carrier, the first veterinarian inspection, current age-appropriate immunizations, and the health certificate. Those costs generally run an additional $350. All kittens or cats shipped will be examined by a veterinarian before leaving and need to be examined again by your vet to have a double guarantee on their health on arrival. All possible care will be given to sending a kitten free from any infectious diseases. You will have a healthy kitten!
Retiring pet Queens price at $200-$500. (excluding shipping costs), depending on the age and the quality of the cat. The retiring queens are the best and finest of our cats. That is why they are used as queens for breeding! They have the most beautiful personalities and they are the most beautiful cats! They are retired to make way for a new queen to be added to the cattery. We are very attached to our queens and want very good homes for them.
An older queen is a delightful gift to a Mother or Grandmother that loves cats! They are quiet, well-mannered and easy to care for, very affectionate, and extremely beautiful when in full coat. They make a great Mother's Day or Valentine's Day gift as well. Some of these retiring Queens would make great show cats to take to the Premier Class as well! They would be fun to show!!
Also, consider the beautiful older kittens we have available. We often keep the better quality kittens until they are 6 months or more because we cannot tell if a kitten will be show quality or exceptional breeder quality for sure, until they mature more. This also enables breeders to have time to select a more valuable kitten, and to make a better decision. The age adopted does not affect the personality, since the personality is an inherited trait, primarily. If the kitten is sweet, it will walk in your home and be sweet to you!
Why are the kittens so expensive? ---Beautiful kittens do not accidentally happen! They must be carefully planned.  They are also top of the line cats with extensive pedigrees and not bottom of the line cats with no pedigree! These are among the very best!  Compared to all things you can invest your money in, they are a very valuable possesion. These cats are expensive to obtain and expensive to maintain to produce the beautiful kittens people so desire!
Persian kittens are more wonderful than jewelry or furniture, far more lasting than technology! A wonderful kitty can give love and affection for 10-20 years!
The cost of years of selective breeding, the rarity of their beauty, the extreme effort to attain the gorgeous coat colors, gorgeous eye colors, body type, and the sweet personalities, along with the quality facilities, professional medical care and the numerous hours of expert professional care they receive from infancy, require more expense!  That is how we produce such wonderful cats!
A Glamour Cat is a rare and beautiful and precious jewel!
New Persian Kittens for sale 
If you want to be first for a new younger kitten, please pre-qualify for the color, sex and type of kitten you want. We are keeping a list of people who are waiting for kittens! When you fill out the pre-qualify form and we accept you, you will be added to an email list to be notified when new kittens arrive. When they are getting close to becoming available, those people who have pre-qualified and registered with us to be informed first, will receive and email alerting them to the new kittens becoming available.
They may be sold quickly! It takes about 6 months for a cat to produce a kitten from before going in heat until the kitten is mature enough to adopt, so you may miss the kitten you are waiting for, if you have not pre-qualified and gotten on our waiting list! Many people are planning for their adoption baby kitten now!
Mark our web site on your front page and check us regularly, as we will be showing gorgeous new babies as they arrive and become available.